Mabus Identified and Defined

The name “Mabus” has never been properly interpreted, until now.

The letters “Ma”, pronounced “Mah”, stand for the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Virtue, Justice and Love named “Ma’at” and her seven principles.

The letters “Ab” is the Ancient Egyptian name for “the heart”. These two letters, when reversed, spell the Egyptian word for the soul, meaning the “Ba”.

The letters “Sa” is the Egyptian word for the “fluid of life”.

The three letters “Bus” come from the Ancient Egyptian City of Busiris, where the Elohim, or the Gods, made a decision to create “man”. In the name Busiris we find the name “Iris”, the original first name of Amen Hotep, (named after the flower “iris”) as well as the constellation of Sirius.

The European Jews even mock their own God named “Yod-Hei” although they were forbidden to verbally mention his name, which also belongs to Mabus, ever since they have been giving the world a ride “on a bus”. The word “On” is a name and not a thing. It stands for the Ancient Egyptian City of On, also known as Heliopolis and Cairo.

Using the alphanumeric table in English, we can decipher the date of birth of Mabus as well as the numeric equivalent of his name.

Adding the number attributed to each letter of the alphabet we have for the name Mabus, the following table:

13 + 1 = 14 + 2 = 16 + 21 = 37 + 19 = 56

This is equated as follows; the number 13 stands for the 13th Sign of the Zodiac, being Rasalhague, plus “1” equals a “14” which stands for the number “401”, or the 401 years in which the American Blacks have been oppressed in the United States as of the year 2010 (slavery began in 1609, which is reduced to a “97”, for the Return of Amen Hotep, the name itself being an alphanumeric ‘97’ reduced to a “25/16”).

Next we have the number “421”. Although the number of years leading up to the Christ is given biblically as 4,000 years, plus the year 2010, – where the year 2,000 would represent 6,000 years since Adam, and therefore the beginning of Doomsday, as biblically Adam was created on the sixth day and one day earth time represents 1,000 years to the Gods (a time zone differential), since God is known as “The Tenth”, he appears to begin the last days (the Judgment) in the year 2010. The four-thousand years plus a ‘21’ for the year 2010 is reduced to a “421”. However, the European Jews were cursed white (the absence of color) in the year 526BC by Moses, whose real name was Ahmose II, or Ahmose-Ankh.

The actual number “421” stands for the 4,000 Jews who alleviated themselves from the World Trade Center disaster by “Odigo” Messaging System, and the Israeli Mossad, the time frame being the year 2001, hence forth the number ‘421’.

The individuals responsible were the 4,000 already mentioned, plus “the 400 Club” of Billionaires listed by Forbes Magazine for 2001.

Also involved were the so-called members of the Committee of 300 as well as the 52 members of the World Jewish Congress, as Dick Cheney and others wished an illegal oil pipe-line through Afghanistan whereas the Taliban had forbidden the allotment to the Americans. This is one of the actual reasons why Cheney needs Iran, as the Caspian oil pipeline cannot proceed without going through Iran (it is presently illegal to invest any more than 20 million in Iran due to sanctions).

Next we have the number “126” which is “666” reduced as the biblical “number of a man”.

The “number of a man” is basically the home address of the European Jews as we in the 18th Dynasty of Amen Hotep walled up the European Jews in the Caucasus Mountains, the circumference being “666 miles”, which they later over-ran as it was only temporary.
Now we know who the beast is because they shall soon be eating their children again, and the children, – them. They worship the God “Sobek”, the crocodile god. And show “crocodile tears”.

The number “126” also represents the return of God as a Capricorn, just as Jesus is a Capricorn, and the biblical Goat of the Apocalypse. The “apocalypse” being a alphanumeric “97”, the alphanumeric in the name “Amen Hotep”.

The number here for God is a ‘12’, and therefore the God of the sixth day of creation who need only make his presence once. Therefore a ‘126’ = 18th Dynasty of Amen Hotep I and his second and last appearance.

The name HOTEP means “The Architect”, for that is his name as “IMHOTEP”, short for the biblical “I AM” – HOTEP” . Hotep is an alphanumeric 37/10 as these are our next numbers.

Next we have the year of Mabus’ birth as 1956, complete with the exact date being 12.26.1956 with a 9/5 time of birth ratio, being 9AM (EST) and 5AM (GMT), born in Yonkers, New York, USA, 10701 (an ‘18’).

We also have, within the name Mabus, the number “97” and a “526”(BC), when Amen Hotep II left Egypt, the number equating the “Spirit of ’76, and the Emancipation of the American Blacks as “The Children of Ishmael”.

Next we have the full name in the alphanumeric table of the individual named as “Mabus” being a 26.15.56 for the first, middle and last name respectively (or reduced as a ‘17’, reduced to an “8”, and then a “6” and a “2”), the entire full name as just shown above being totaling a “97”.

The two totals in the name Mabus are a ‘56’, and then in reduction a ‘29’
The first three numbers equate the year 526BC, plus “9”, signifying a 25/1956 which gives us a 12.26.1956.


Eric Robert Powell; born 12.26.1956, 9AM (EST)/5AM (GMT).
Birthplace: Yonkers, New York, USA, 10701.

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