The Return of Amen Hotep; the Architect

By Eric Robert Powell
D.O.B. 12.26.1956
Time of Birth: 5AM (GMT)/ 9AM (EST)
Birth Place: Yonkers, New York
See, and

Using the alphanumeric table, or the science of the alphabet as mathematics, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc., we can determine, through the Ancient Egyptian codes hidden behind the English alphabet, the identity of the Return of Amen.

The name ‘Amen’
1 + 13 = 14 + 5 = 19 + 14 = 33

Through these numerals we can decipher the year of birth and time of birth of “Amen” as a “1956” (19/14/33) with a 5AM (GMT)/9AM (EST) time of birth.

The name ‘Hotep’

The first three letters denote the numbers “8.6.2” = 16,
with the initials “Ep” as a 5 + 16 = 21.

The full name of Eric Robert Powell is reduced to an “8.6.2” respectively, with the initials “Ep” denoting the initials of one Eric Powell. With the numbers already given under “HOTEP”, we come away with the date of his reincarnation (birth) as 12.26.1956 with a 9/5 time zone ratio.

The Pharaoh

Under the name ‘Pharaoh’ we come away with the date of birth and time of birth listed within the name three times, which makes Eric Robert Powell three times a Pharaoh.
His personal name equates the number “7” while his date of birth, when reduced to a 3.8.3 equals “14” for a “7/14” or three sevens which total a “21”

Eric Robert Powell’s full name equates a ‘196’ which is reduced to a ‘97’, the same as Amen Hotep.

The name Powell was formed by a tenth century King by the name of Hywel, known as “The Good King” who anglicized his name, first to “Howell” and then using the Egyptian name for a bull (Ap) changed the name Howell to a Powell.
In the 18th Dynasty of Amen Hotep, a special spelling for the Pharaoh was changed to “Per’o” denoting my intials. Another form was “pr-`3”, here we have P = 7, R = 9. These two numbers total a ‘16’ which is then reduced to a “7” x “3” = ‘21’, denoting the fact the Per’o, when he came, would possess three sevens totaling ‘21’.

Eric Robert Powell

This name is reduced to an 8.6.11 and an 8.6.2, which form the numbers 25/16 as a “7” reduced. The date of birth being 12.26.1956 is then reduced to a 3.8.3 = “14” for a ‘7/14’ = ‘21’ as well as triple sevens to whom the Ancient Egyptians called “thrice blessed”.

In the expression “thrice blessed” is the name ‘Eric’. The alphanumeric total for “thrice blessed” is a ‘129’. My name as a seven, plus the 5AM (GMT) time of birth totals a ‘12’. Twelve plus ‘9’ (for 9 AM) equals a ‘129’ which is reduced to a 39/21 = 60. The Egyptian spitting ‘Cobra’ is a 39/21 which totals ‘60’. These three sets of numbers 39/21/60 gives one a 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time ratio.


This name denotes the expression “fame bright”. Since a “robber” is likened to a “thief” (Robert), ‘I come as a “thief” in the night’.


The Meaning of the name ‘Eric’

On Wikipedia, it literally means Lord.
The name Eric also means ‘Rikr’, from ‘Eirikr’ – ‘Ei’ – “Always” or Einn “Alone” + Rikr, – “Ruler”. Name entered Britain before the ‘Norman Conquest’.

The second meaning on the same site (the first rendition was as a proper noun, the second rendition as a noun meaning – “a fine paid to as compensation for violent crimes”, etymology from, “Eiric”. What College did I end up going to? ‘Ricker’, in Houlton, Maine. I did not plan it this way. I had no idea of the significance.

From we have, ‘Eric’, – ‘Eternal Ruler’. Origin: Old Norse, German – ‘Honorable Ruler’, pronounced, (Ehrik), used in English and French speaking countries. Old Norse ‘Eirikr’ (Eternal Ruler). ‘Ei’ (Ever, Always) and Rikr (Ruler), some Germanic ‘Rik’ (King), hence ‘Honorable Ruler’, introduced into England before Norman Conquest by Viking invaders and subsequent Scandinavian settlers. See

Online Etymology Dictionary: Eric; male personal name, from O.N. Eirikr, Lit. “Honored Ruler”, from P.Gmc. *Aiza – “Honor” + Rik, – ‘Ruler’. In Disneys ‘Little Mermaid’ Eric was the Prince whom Ariel fell in love with.
From,, Eric, E-Ric pronounced, ‘ Air-ik’. Viking Sea Rover Ericson (son of Erik the Red) landed on the shores of America (italics mine) 500 years before Chistopher Columbus. The name Eric was not used until 19th century British fiction “Eric”, or “Little by Little” and H.Rider Haggard (in “Eric Bright Eyes”).

The name Eric in Hebrew is rendered ‘Aryeh’, which means ‘The Lion’. The name can also be rendered ‘Re’yah’, for a 13/8 (21).

From, we find one of the meanings for the name ‘Eric’ in its’ etymology … ‘Hebrew: ‘ARIDAY’, angelicized English, ARIYDAY, meaning, “The Lyon is enough …’, and, “Variant spelling, ARIN: English: Aaron – ‘Light Bringer’.” The name ‘Aaron’ equals a 49 (13), ‘Bringer’ 73/10 (21). The word ‘Light’ equals a 56.

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