Amen Hotep and the Last Days

For Immediate Press Release

By Eric Robert Powell
D.O.B. 12/26/1956
Time of Birth: 9AM (EST) and 5AM (GMT)

Using alpha-numerics (A = 1; B = 2; C = 3, etc.) we can ascertain, through the Egyptian Codes the identity of the name of God/Allah/Elah/ Amen-Ra, etc., who is to arrive in the Last Days, as well as other names and words associated with him and the identity of the current Pharaoh who has Risen in the West as the prophecies have stated.

The Identity of AMEN

The name Amen, as in the scriptures concerning Jesus Christ as the Amen is called the “faithful and true witness”. The alpha-numerics of the phrase “faithful and true witness” are a 12.26.1956 twice, as well as the 5/9 ratio which totals a “375” which is reduced to a “105”. The number ‘105’ is the basic figure in the amount of Reparations which have been tallied for Black America, named as such from the Land of Egypt known as “The Black Land” as the “Land of Kemet” due to her dark black rich soil from which the Blackfoot Indian tribe got its name here in America. Egypt is also known as “The Mother Land”.

The name ‘Amen” is a family name of royalty and the Holy Grail, the bloodline of the Messiah, known as “Isa” in the Middle East.

The family name of Amen is that of AMEN HOTEP who flourished in the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

“Amen”, using alpha-numerics gives the date of birth of Jesus/Amen as 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time of birth ratio.

The time of birth ratio is associated with the fact that the entire earth had to be heated up to 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 5,000 degrees Celsius in order to create water, and hence life on the planet earth (see almanac). Therefore, his time of birth as the God Ra (the Sun), also known as “Re”, and phonetically the same as “Ra” incorporated as AMEN-RA is the same as the solar heating created by Ra, whose proper abode is the sun in the center of the universe as “Ras-Al Hague”also known as the 13th Sign of the Zodiac.

The names Ra/Re equate, when the numbers are reduced, a 12.26.1956 with a 9/5 time of birth ratio.

The biblical “Er” as the son of Judah is an alpha-numeric ‘23/14’, the same as in the first and middle name as Eric Robert as an 8/15 = 23 and a 8/6 = 14. The biblical “Er” is the same as “Re” as well as Eric Robert (‘Er’) as the son of Judah, who was the Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, who sired AMEN HOTEP as “Er”. Tuthmosis III is also known as Thothmes III.

The name HOTEP

In the last name of AMEN HOTEP is the name in alphanumerics as well as the initials of the one to come.

The first three letters in the name HOTEP are H.O.T., these three letters are an alphanumeric 8.6.2, the same identical numbers inherent in the name of Eric Robert Powell as a reduced 8.6.2. The letters “E.P.” constitute the initials of “Eric Powell”, also known as the God Pe (pronounced “pay”). The letters “PE” and the first two letters in the name “Powell” constitute the word “POPE”. The letters “Po” equate a numeric ‘76’, as in the Spirit of ‘76’, with the American Blacks, as the “Children of Ishmael” (myself) never receiving their independence.

The name HOTEP therefore constitutes an 8.6.2 = 16 + (P) 16 = 32 + (E) = 37/10.

AMEN HOTEP left Egypt in 526 BC (reduced to a ’76) in order to visit the Neters of the West, coming through present day Canada which is derived from the name of “Kanakht Wer Pehti”, meaning “Strong Bull and Mighty in Power”, as well as the original name of the Land of “Canaan/Palestine/Israel” as “Ka-na-na”, as well as the original name of Egypt’s capital named “Kandahar”, Egypt, now known as Cairo and Alexandria. Within the name Kandahar are the letters “KANADA”.

The Powell family originally came from “Kandahar” which incorporates the first three letters of another name for Horus as “Harakhti”, which includes the initials of AMEN HOTEP as well as “RA”.

The last four letters in the name Harakhti, being “KHTI” stand for the name of “Kahti”, which is also in its completed form, in the name Harakhti, who is listed as an Egyptian officer. He was the son of an officer named Osirtesen and his wife Hotep. See, An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876). An officer would not have Ah-hotep as his wife, who was a queen. The following is more accurate.

OSIRTESEN: Osirtesen I., the second king of the XIIth dynasty, and the son of Amenemha I. He conquered a great part of the land of Kush or Ethiopia proper. A great inundation of the Nile, followed by a famine, took place in his reign, the terrors of which were alleviated by the wisdom of his chief officer Ameni. After reigning thirty-eight years he associated Amenemha II. with himself, and then reigned jointly four years longer. The name Osirtesen is also written Sesertesen, and Usertesen by the Continental Egyptologists. Osirtesen I. was the original founder of the temple of Karnak, and the obelisk bearing his name at Heliopolis is the only monument of the Ancient Empire which remains in situ.

My name, as the son of my father, the Pharaoh Osir(tesen) of the 12th Dynasty, was “Kahti, and from this we have Harakhti as the initials of AMEN HOTEP, combined with Ra and my private name in the 12th Dynasty of my Father as Kahti.

The root of the name ‘Kandahar’ comes from the word “Khanti”, otherwise known as ‘Khandi’ which means “Osiris who was the Ruler”.

Osirtesen, aka, ‘OSIRTESEN-ANKH’, “The Living Osirtesen.” The son of a priest named Shotephet, who probably lived in the time of the XIIth dynasty. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

The name Osir is also the name of ‘Anu’ otherwise known as “Anubis” and “Anibus” as “Ir – Sosi’, from which we obtain the name “Iris”, the original first name of AMEN HOTEP, named as such after a flower, also spelled “Er Sozi”, which being interpreted means “The Word” in the Turkish language, better known as the biblical Land of Ur, where my Father, known as Abraham once lived as Hammur-abi.

The alphanumeric behind “IRIS” stands all of the codes concerning Black Reparations.

The initial 3.5 billion dollar payment for those over the age of 25 who must swear an oath and sign documents pertaining to the Religion of Amen, to be received by Christmas 2011.
The initial 3.5 billion will eventually move to 5.6 billion by 2012.

The base figure for these payments is also equated on the alphanumerics of my first name as “Eric” (as sole Lord) and the 5.6 billion after the year of my birth, being 1956.

The reparations figure then includes 168 trillion dollars to cover the cost of the initial outlays together with the fact that John Powell settled Virginia in 1608, the State where I was originally from in America together with the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, “as lightning flashes from the east to the west, so shall the coming of the son of God be. In addition, lightning itself is half the speed of light, clocked at 93,000 miles per second. The number ‘39’ is my own since it is the sum total of my initials as “Per” which is reduced to a ‘21’ for a 39/21. Thirty-nine plus twenty-one equals ‘60’ for a “39/21/60” in which are all of my codes.

Another basic figure here is the number “105”, there are exactly 105 trillion blood cells in the human body, and therefore exists the price in value of human life which is in the blood.

Another ‘105’ dollar figure are the numbers ‘123’.

The final sum total inherent in Reparations is 315 trillion dollars as being triple the 105 figure. My date of birth and full name reduced into the lowest digits are “7/14” which is a triple 7, as in ‘777’, therefore My People win a triple payment which is specified within the Torah of the Jews, as well as the double payment, which would be a “201”.


The name Jesus is associated with two main areas of occurrences.
The first is the Capital of what is now called Palestine and Israel, and that is its former Capital “BEJESUS” whose name, we are told, was changed into Jerusalem by King David. The common phrase in these days is the saying, “You scared the Bejesus out of me.”

The second occurrence stems from the name “Ejus” as the son of “Oris”, known as the Sun God. My Father’s full name was Robert Oris Powell, and I wondered how it was that he bore an Egyptian name. Once he was assassinated on September 1, 1984 his name was changed to “Osiris” as “Lord of the Dead”. This name incorporates the name “Iris” with Osirtesen and his son Kahti, (myself), Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty.

The name Jesus is an alphanumeric 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time zone ratio, the numbers in the name being reduced once makes it much easier to discern.


Incorporating the name “Iris”, preceded by the letters “Ch” as a numeric “38” the same as in the name “Powell” along with the fact of The Great Alignment of the cosmos which took place August 8, 2008 when the entire heavens formed a straight line to the earth, numerically known as “888” (38). The letter “T” signifying the Egyptian Ankh and used by the Jews as a crucifixion symbol.

The alphanumeric of the name Christ totals a “77” as the birth-date of the Savior as 12/26/1956 with a 9/5 time ratio. The birth-date of 12/26/1956 is reduced to 3.8.3 = ‘14’, whose square root is a seven, making the double sevens a numeric “14”.
The birth-date in the name Christ is, column wise, the numbers “”., for a “1956” with the numbers ‘12’ along with “” = 26.


Here one will find 12.26.1956 three times, along with the 9/5 ratio and the number of the “Beast” as “666”.

In the name of the Messiah one will find the Egyptian God “IAH”, the initials of “AMEN HOTEP”, the name of one of Hotep’s sons known as “SIA” (MON) as the biblical “Simeon”. Also worthy of note is the abbreviation of Moses (AHMOSE II) as “mses”, alternatively spelled “mess” which are also found in the word “Messenger” and the name “Ramesses III”, also spelled “Ramses”.

Both Jesus and the Messiah each total a ‘74’ which is the alphanumeric total of the word “Greater”, which also bares the date of birth 12.26.1956 along with the numbers 12.26 (1.2 + 1.2.5 = 12/26).

Both names of the Christ and the Messiah total an alphanumeric ‘74’ which bears each name. The number ‘74’ is the total of the word “GREATER”, which also contains 12.26.1956 with a 5/9 time ratio.


The “MAN” here goes back to the Biblical Adam, the predecessor of the European Jew, to whom the Jews call their Father. According to the biblical time-line, Adam was created in 4,000 BC. Doomsday begins 2,000 years later which represents the 6th day as Friday the 13th. This would begin in the year 2,000AD except for the fact that God is known as “The Tenth” because the Jews were supposed to withhold 10% of their earnings for God.

The earth’s sun is 94 million miles away which is reduced to a ‘13’. My DOB of 12.26.56 totals a ‘94’.

The sun in the center of the Milky Way is known as “Ras Al-Hague” and is known as the 13th Sign of the Zodiac, controlling the other 12 signs. These two numbers total the number ‘25’.

Ras Al-Hague is an alphanumeric ‘93’ which is reduced as a “39/21 = 60” which is a 12.26.1956 with the all familiar 5/9 ratio.

When the 39/21 is calculated as a “13/29”, this represents the 13th Sign with the “City of On” (a ‘29’), known as Heliopolis, Egypt.
The numbers ‘29’ and ‘13’ equals a ‘42’ for the 42 laws of Amen-Ra. This sum is reduced to an ‘11 + 4 = 15’. The last reduction is a ‘2 + 4 = 6’, which combined equates the number ‘666’.

In “527BC” (a reduced numeric of “59”) I, as Amen Hotep as well as my father, built what is known as “The Caucasus Wall” in order to pen up the European Jews from causing any more blood shed. Remember that the biblical Adam is known as the first “Man” in the Book of Genesis to whom God promised to wipe out in the Last Days.

This is how the Caucasians got their name, for the circumference of the Caucasus Mountains, once we built the Wall, is exactly “666” miles. Consider it an address number which has been tagged on these Caucasians, with the Crows exclaiming their name as “Cau – Cau”.


In alphanumerics, “KING” totals, in reduced figures, a “14”; “OF” equals a “21”; “THE” equals a “33” and “JEWS” equals a “57”.
When added together we have the figure “125”.

When reduced to a “17” we have the name “EL”, which is considered by all the word for “God” as in the “ELOHIM” which means, “The Gods” as in “Let us create man”. The term “Elohim” being an alphanumeric “26” as the number “125” is a “17” and a full “26”. But here let us interpret the numbers ‘17’ and ‘26’ as it relates to the Almighty One.

The reason we have a “125” is that it represents a “1.25” as the average heart rate being 1.25 beats per second, which relates to the saying that God is “closer than your life’s vein”, therefore the letters “EL”, but when added to AMEN HOTEP’S initials, we have the name of God as “ELAH” which is a numeric “26”. The sun in the center of the Universe is 26 times the illumination of our sun.

The letters “EL” come from the name of the Capital of Egypt as “HELIOPOLIS”, where AMEN HOTEP was born. It is here where we find the name “ELOH” and “ELI” as the Christ announced after being crucified.

When we add the word “THE” to “KING OF THE JEWS”, as “THE KING OF THE JEWS” we have a 125 reduced to a “17” plus we must add the number “6” for the word “THE” in reduced figures. This is a “17 + “6” = “23” as in “RE”. This is also reduced as an “8 + 6 = 14” for a “23/14 = 37/10”.

Within the name of HOTEP we find my name reduced in the first three letters as an 8.6.2 = 16, plus my initials “EP” are a alphanumeric “21” which gives us, when combined, as 37/10, as God must equal a “10” for the Ten Kings from Egypt to North America in 14,000 years before Columbus as well as my arrival in Canada in 526BC.

The Jewish Scribes removed the name of God as “ELAH” 800 times in our present day bibles. The number 26 minus 17 equals the number “9”, signifying the completion of God’s Plan in the ninth incarnation of HOTEP in these last days. This has been referred to as the NINE LIVES OF THE CAT. The number “9” when written as “nine” is an alphanumeric “42”. When added to the number “23” with the number 23 written in the left hand vertical column while writing our figures, with the number “42” written in the right hand column, we can tally the sum as “56”, therefore we have “HOTEP – RE” with the letters “PRE” and “EPR” in addition to the letters “HOT”, better known as RA – HOTEP.

“I am the Cat which battled heroically on the night when the enemies of the Setting Sun were overwhelmed. And who is this Cat? This Cat is the Sun-God Ra himself…”

From: The Book of the Dead, 3000 B.C.

The Egyptian word for cat was the onomatopoeic term “miw”, as well as “mau-mau”, which, although not mentioned in the Pyramid Texts, found its way into various personal names from the Old Kingdom onwards, including 22nd Dynasty pharaoh known as Pamiu or Pimay, literally “the tomcat” 773-767 BC. The earliest Egyptian depiction of the cat took the form of three hieroglyphic symbols, each representing seated cats. This formed part of the phrase “Lord of the City of Cats” inscribed on a stone block from El-Lisht, which may date as early as the reign of Pepy II 2278-2184 BC. From the 12th Dynasty onwards, cats were increasingly depicted in the painted decoration of private tombs, either participating in the scenes of hunting and fowling in the marshes or seated beneath the chair of the owner.

It was in the funerary texts of the New Kingdom that the cat achieved full apotheosis, in the Amuduat it is portrait as a demon decapitating bound captives and in the Litany of RA it appears to be a personification of the Sun-god himself, battling with the evil serpent-god Apophis. Because of its connection with the Sun god, the cat was depicted on a number of Rames side steles found in the Theban region. The term “The Tomcat” is literally an alphanumeric “105”.
HOTEP and the Pharaoh MEN/MIN lived with the “UTE” tribe in the United States, and this is where one gets the expression, “wait a hot minute”.


This phrase totals a ’67. Once the alphanumerics are reduced we find the date 12.26.1956 listed three times in succession, as well as the number 39/21.

‘The One’ is identified as coming from the City of On in Ancient Egypt, also known as Cairo, Alexandria, Heliopolis, and Kandahar.

My nickname for Eric is “E” and is the first letter in the word “excellence”. However its use is coded as shown below …

In Unicode, the capital ‹E› is codepoint U+0045 E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E (HTML: E) and the lower case ‹e› is U+0065 e LATIN SMALL LETTER E (HTML: e).
The ASCII code for capital ‹E› is 69 (01000101 in binary), and the code for lowercase ‹e› is 101 (01100101 in binary). The EBCDIC code for capital ‹E› is 197, and the code for lowercase ‹e› is 133.
The numeric character references in HTML and XML are “E” and “e” for upper and lower case, respectively.
So here we have in the first instance “U” + 45 which is 21+45 which 12.26.1956.
Then we have in the second instance the letter “E” is a “69”>15, for “1956”.
In the third instance we have a “101” which when reduced is an “11/2” as in “Powell”.
In the forth instance it represents the number “197”, which refers to an address I once lived at, being 197 Ravine Ave., Yonkers, New York, as well as 197 referring to General Nasser in Egypt and his war against Israel in 1956.
In the fifth instance it represents the number “133” when written in lower case. This may somehow be connected with Lower Egypt, which was situated in Northern Egypt.

The letters G-O-D represent the number ’76 (GO) and the number of years which the American Blacks have spent in servitude to the State of Israel.

In Ancient Egypt, if one desired to enter the Mysteries, they must be good individuals, an Egyptian word. The word “GOOD” in Ancient Egypt consists of the letter “G”, a seven, followed by the two eyes of Horus, the right eye the sun and the left eye, the moon in the allegory of wisdom and power. The letter “D”, as in G-O-D, stood for the four-hundred years of chattel slavery, meaning that one would honor the prophecy of Abraham, Ishmael, his only-begotten son, and Hagar, Abraham’s wife. Abraham did not marry Sarah because the Jews forbid intermarriages. This is also prophecy, for my father wished to marry Sarah in this life, and was forbidden by her elderly mother.

The European Jews, because of a misunderstanding of the scriptures (the moon is a lesser light than the sun), poked out, symbolically, Horus’s left eye which contracted the word “GOOD” in “GOD” which when spelled backwards denotes the word “DOG”. Biblically, 300 Jews who went to battle against the Pharaoh drank from a watering location bending down and lapping up the water as a dog would, this was also prophecy, for the 300 Committee of today, which controls the Jewish State, are called “dogs” by God himself.

The proper way to spell God is “GAD” and pronounced “GAWD”. I AM an alphanumeric 7/14, and this is what you find in the name of “GAD”.
On our money supply, as well as in our court system, it is written, “IN GOD WE TRUST” when it should read, “IN GAD WE TRUST”. They even say “GOD BLESS AMERICA”. What blasphemy!
The Jews have nothing to do with GAD, in whatever form or name he possesses.

The name ALLAH
Gad is known as “The all and all” because he incorporates all things. So here we have the word “ALL”, when one adds the initials of the Architect known as HOTEP, we find the all true GAD known as “ALLAH” which is a numerical ‘34’, a seven as his name in human form, for we also have an acronym. The five letters here in the name ALLAH also stand for two Arms, two legs and a head.

In the phrase “Halleluiah”, which most believe to mean “Praise God”, we have a compound name denoting four names for the Supreme Being. We have “Allah”, “Elah”, the Gad “Iah” as well as the initials, and rightfully so, of AMEN HOTEP, as Jesus Amen, the Architect.
My full name in full digits is a 35.78.83, the middle name of “Robert” being a numeric ’78 as the Architect who comes like a thief in the night. When added together, we find the number “196” which is reduced to a ’97, also into a ’79 and a 25/16.

For more information, see as well as and

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