Judment against the State of Israel begins; Part One: When Shiloh Comes

By Eric Robert Powell
Immediate Press Release

Note to the Reader: Alpha-numerics consists of using the 26 letters of the English Alphabet from A=1 to Z=26 and incorporates Language with History and Religion in order to ascertain, by scientific means the Power of the Spoken and Written Word. It is a Concrete Science.

We begin with the Testimony of the Most High.
“Yet they tested the Most High God, and rebelled against him,
They did not observe his decrees,

But turned away and were faithless like their ancestors; they twisted
Like a treacherous bow,

For they provoked him to anger with their high places;
They moved him to jealousy with their idols.
When God heard, he was full of wrath,
And he utterly rejected Israel,

He abandoned his dwelling at Shiloh,
The Tent where he dwelt among men,
And delivered his power to the hand of the foe …

Then the Lord awoke as from sleep, like a warrior shouting because of wine,
He put his adversaries to rout;
He put them to everlasting disgrace.” – Psalms 78:56-61; 65-66

“Judah, your brothers shall praise you; and your hand shall be
On the neck of your enemies;
Your father’s sons shall bow down before you.

Judah is a lion’s whelp;
From the prey, my son, you have gone up.
He crouches down like a lioness – who dares rouse him up?

The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet,
until Shiloh come and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”–
Genesis 49:8-10

A related verse, 1 Chron. 5:2 (NIV), reads, “and though Judah was the strongest of his brothers and a ruler came from him, the rights of the firstborn belonged to Joseph.”

The coming of Shiloh/Solomon is generally considered to have happened many generations after the time of Jacob. However, the above two verses taken together virtually prove that Shiloh followed immediately after Jacob.

First of all, Joseph was not considered to be a ruler but only “second to pharaoh.” As shown in Archaeology & the Patriarchs, that unnamed pharaoh who appointed Joseph as Prime Minister was in fact his own half-brother Judah! Upon the death of Judah the birthright (kingly succession) then passed to Joseph. However, it was not Joseph himself but one of his sons, namely Shiloh, who sat on the throne upon the death of Jacob. Jacob and Shiloh son of Joseph had the same Egyptian name, Amenhotep, and their reigns were also entirely continuous. It should not be too surprising then that the two were combined as a single reign in the Kings/Chronicles narrative of Solomon. See Charles N. Pope, Shiloh and Solomon.

Shiloh Meaning: The one to whom it belongs. In the bible Shiloh is a prophetic name for the Messiah: Also Shiloh is significant as the site of a crucial battle in the American Civil War.

The name of the Messiah is a compound name revealing the abbreviation of the last four letters in the name ‘Ramessess’, ‘Messenger’, an abbreviation for ‘Ahmose II’ as ‘Moses’, as well as the name “Sia” as in ‘Siamon’ (the biblical Simeon), as well as the God ‘Iah’ as ‘Thoth’ (Imhotep), as well as the initials of AMEN HOTEP.

In the name of The Messiah, one will find the date of birth as 12.26.1956, a 5/9 time ratio as well as my full name as a 17.15.56 which totals an ‘88’.


The biblical “Judah” was Thutmosis III and his firstborn son’s name is given as ‘Er’, the firstborn son of Judah. We have here the correct way to spell “Jew” as “Jue”, as in “Judea”. Notice the compound name/word in “Judah” as “Jue”, the word for father as “Da” and also the initials of AMEN HOTEP.
The European Jew altered the name ‘Jue’ from the Egyptian word, “jewelry”.

In this life my father’s name on the birth certificate reads Robert Oris Powell, he was originally meant to be The Pharaoh of today, and is now known, after he was assassinated, as Osiris, and I as such, ‘Horus’. My original first name as Amen Hotep was ‘Iris’, named as such after a flower, the species of which he brought back from a campaign in Syria. Mine is of a blue hue.

Jesus’ name as the son of ‘Oris’ is ‘Ejus’, – The letters in the name ‘Jesus’ being alphanumerically a ‘1956’ numerical date of birth year, and includes other information. The name ‘Jesus’ coming from original name of the capital of Jerusalem called “Bejesus”.

Due to his death, the Scepter passes on to me as his “only begotten son”, known here as ‘Shiloh’.
At Wikipedia, http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiloh we find that the word Shiloh is a biblical name of an individual, rather than being a mere word.

The Latin Vulgate translates the word as “he … that is to be sent” [2], which would be the equivalent of the hebrew shaluach Hebrew: {{{1}}}‎שלוח (messenger), indicating a possible corruption of the text (on either side).

The Peshitta has it as “the one to whom [it] belongs”.
Similarly, the Septuagint similarly translates the word to “the things stored up for him”.

No old versions seem to interpret the word as to being the city called Shiloh.

The phrase is translated in the King James Version as “(…) until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”, thus making Shiloh a personal name.
Also, ‘Shiloh’: Hebrew; Meaning: He who is to be sent. See #1383 on babycenter.com

The mathematics behind the identity of ShilohTaking each letter of the alphabet, from A-Z, each letter has a numerical value attached to it, as there are 26 letters to the English alphabet. The letter ‘A’ being assigned the numeral ‘1’, through the remaining letters up to its last, which is the letter ‘Z’, which totals a ‘26’.

The number 26 is especially of interest because the sun in the center of the Milky Way (the stars name is ‘Rasalhague’, and is regarded as the 13th sign) has 26 times the illumination of our sun here on earth.

The mathematical personage of Shiloh has been found, using the sum of each letter as it appears in the alphabet, and then reducing these figures into their lowest denominator.

Column One:
19 + 8 = 27 + 9 = 36 + 12 = 48 + 15 = 63

Column Two:
10 + 8 = 18 + 9 = 27 + 3 = 31 + 6 = 37

Column Three
1 + 8 = 9 + 9 = 18 + 3 = 21 + 6 = 27

Column Four
9 + 3 = 12 + 6 = 18

The first number of Shiloh is a ‘one’ and the last number a ‘nine’.
Taking each number through a column and adding them together, we arrive at the first series of numbers ending with the number ‘63’.
Next we then reduce each number.

Our first column began with the numeral ‘19’. One plus nine equals the reduced number of ‘10’, from which we begin our second column.
One plus zero equals the number ‘one’ because the number zero cancels itself out,
then the same method for the third column followed by the fourth.

Together, this is what we find.

The Ark of the Covenant is, as of today, in Ethiopia and not Israel.

Using the computation we find that the biblical days of Shiloh took place in the 18th Dynasty of Tuthmosis III.
We also find other information which has now been carried forward.
We have the month, day and year of the birth of Shiloh as 12/26/1956 as well as his time of birth, being 5 AM (GMT) and 9 AM (EST).

Since the name of God must equal a Seven, we find that this individuals first, middle and last name total, when reduced, to a 25 and then a 16, the first name being the alphanumerical equivalent of 35, the middle name as a 78, and his last, being an 83.
We also find the all important digits of 39/21, (the phrase ‘son of man’ is a 39, as well as the word ‘cobra’, one of the all important symbols of the pharaohs) as well as the columns containing three sevens.The number 39 is reduced to a ’21’ which, when added toghether produce the number ’60’, these three sets of numbers provides all of my birth information.

Finally, we also see looming quite large, the numeral 97, or an inverted numeral of 79, which is the alphanumerical digits of Thutmosis III’s firstborn son’s name, as Amen Hotep II.

In our computations using the four columns, each important number manifests itself in these columns adjacent to one another, thereby displaying the Code of Shiloh.

“Until Shiloh Comes”Identity: ‘Eric Robert Powell’
D.O.B. – December 26, 1956
Time of Birth: 9 AM (EST) and 5AM (GMT)

Full name in alpha-numerics:

First name of ‘Eric’ equates the numeral ‘35’, reduced to a 26, a 17, and finally to the number ‘8’.

Middle name ‘Robert’, being a ‘78’, reduced to a 51, a 42, 33, a 24, down to a 15, and finally the number ‘6’.

Last name ‘Powell’ as an 83, reduced to the digits 74, 56, 38, 29, an 11 and then finally reduced to the number ‘2’.

The Meaning of the name ‘Eric’

On Wikipedia, it literally means Lord.
The name Eric also means ‘Rikr’, from ‘Eirikr’ – ‘Ei’ – “Always” or ‘Einn’ “Alone” + Rikr, – “Ruler”. Name entered Britain before the ‘Norman Conquest’.

The second meaning on the same site (the first rendition was as a proper noun, the second rendition as a noun meaning – “a fine paid to as compensation for violent crimes”, etymology from, “Eiric”.

I went to ‘Ricker’ College in Houlton, Maine.
I did not plan it this way. I had no idea of the significance.

From babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com we have, ‘Eric’, – ‘Eternal Ruler’. Origin: Old Norse, German – ‘Honorable Ruler’, pronounced, (Ehrik), used in English and French speaking countries. Old Norse ‘Eirikr’ (Eternal Ruler). ‘Ei’ (Ever, Always) and Rikr (Ruler), some Germanic ‘Rik’ (King), hence ‘Honorable Ruler’, introduced into England before Norman Conquest by Viking invaders and subsequent Scandinavian settlers. See http://www.allwords.com.

Online Etymology Dictionary: Eric; male personal name, from O.N. Eirikr, Lit. “Honored Ruler”, from P.Gmc. *Aiza – “Honor” + Rik, – ‘Ruler’.

In Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Eric was the Prince whom Ariel fell in love with.

From, thinkbabysnames.com, Eric, E-Ric pronounced, ‘ Air-ik’. Viking Sea Rover Ericson (son of Erik the Red) landed on the shores of America (italics mine) 500 years before Christopher Columbus. The name Eric was not used until 19th century British fiction writers Frederick Farrar (in “Eric”, or “Little by Little” and H.Rider Haggard (in “Eric Bright Eyes”).

The name Eric in Hebrew is rendered ‘Aryeh’, which means ‘The Lion’. The name can also be rendered ‘Re’yah’, for a 13/8 (21). Now we have the Lion of Judah who is the Sphinx.
From, 20000namesfromaroundtheworld.com we find one of the meanings for the name ‘Eric’ in its’ etymology … ‘Hebrew: ‘ARIDAY’, anglicized English, ARIYDAY, meaning, “The Lyon is enough …’, and, “Variant spelling, ‘ARIN’: English: ‘Aaron’ – ‘Light Bringer’.” The name ‘Aaron’ equals a 49 (13), ‘Bringer’ 37/10 (21). The word ‘Light’ equals a 56.

The Name ‘Robert’

The name ‘Robert’ means ‘fame bright’.

Right after my birth, my parents and I lived at ‘87’ Warburton Ave., in Yonkers, NY. Eight times seven equals ‘56’. The word ‘Sunrise’ equals an ‘87’. A ‘robber’ is a (T) hief,
Rober – (T) –hief, and therefore crucified, (T), between two thieves. The name Robert, which means, ‘Whose fame is bright’, equals a ‘78’. The same number as the ‘sunrise’. Plus we have, ‘SUN – IRS – E’, for the word ‘sunrise’ with ‘IRS’ as an abbreviation for the name ‘Iris’, the first name of AMEN HOTEP II, Iris being the name of a flower. We also have the name ‘Eris’, the same name for Eric, meaning ‘wool’.

The “two thieves” represent both the Ashkenazi’s and the Sephardim, both the Caucasian and Spanish Jewish sects. We also have, “I shall come like a ‘thief’ in the night.”

Next we have the word, ‘West’, for as it is written,
‘… as lightning strikes from the East to the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be’, whereas peace cannot come until ‘the ‘Sun, rises in the West’, meaning, in this case, ‘Shiloh’, also known as the God AMEN-RA.

The word ‘lightning’ – light equals a numerical ‘1956’. Adding the next four letters, one arrives at a 23/14, which is equated as ‘Re’ equals 23, and his birth-date in the Last Days as being 12/26/1956, reduced to the numbers 3/8/3, equals ‘14’, followed by the numerals 14/7, reversed to a 7/77, with the three sevens (the first Seven as a name, followed by double sevens reduced to a ‘14’ for 21 the hard way, meaning that I and my people will receive triple damages and compensation, as the Children of Ishmael, the American Blacks.

The word or designation, “Black” comes from the fact that we as a people came from Ancient Egypt, which was known as the “Land of Kemet”, or ‘The Black Land’ because of her deep dark black soil, from which we come. Egypt is known as “The Mother Land” because it was in Egypt that the Gods originally came to, landing in Egypt and populating the world.

The Name Powell

The word ‘West’ equals a ‘67’. ‘Ishmael’ equals a ‘67’. The word ‘Pharaoh” equals a ‘67’.

When Hotep traveled to the Western Horizon, he traveled through England and Wales. King Hywel, known as ‘The Good King’ (the word ‘good’ being Egyptian in origin) of the tenth century was the first to change his name to Powell. First he anglicized the name Hywel to Howell, the first two letters representing ‘Hotep’ and then using the word ‘Ap’ to mean ‘the son/sun of’, (whereas it literally means ‘the bull’ – or ‘Apis’), he contracted the letters by leaving out the ‘A’ of ‘Ap’, and changed the name to ‘Powell’, or ‘a Powell’.

The prefix ‘PO’ is a ‘76’ as in 1776. Eric is reduced numerically to a ‘17’ and so is the prefix or name ‘El’, meaning God, as in ‘Elah’ equals ‘26’, – so does the word ‘God’. The last two letters here representing the initials of Amen Hotep’. ‘Eric’ is also a ‘26’. ‘Hy’ equals an ‘87’ and has been turned into a greeting. The initials ‘Ho’, as in Horus or Hotep, equals a ‘23’. ‘Ap’ equals a ‘17’ and ‘Po’ a total of ‘76’. Add them up in a column and you’re left with the number ‘203’, the zero cancels out, leaving you with ‘23’, the number of the Sun God ‘Re’, also spelled, and phonetically the same as ‘Ra’.

The word, the ‘Tenth’, equals a 77, whereas the word ‘ten’ is a 25/14, which totals a 39/21. My initials ‘Per’, total a 39/21 and my date of birth, when reduced from 12.26.1956 equals a 3.8.3 = 14 (77). The State of Israel was told to set aside one-tenth to the ‘Lord your God’ in tithes. But has kept that money as their own.

You also have the name for the Pharaoh (the title ‘Pharaoh’ is actually Greek in origin) which was brought to life in the 18th Dynasty as ‘Per’o’, my initials followed by the letter ‘O’, denoting the numeral ‘51’, a mystic number which holds together the universe, also know as a landing base entitled ‘Area 51’.

The letters Per’o also denote the God Pe (pronounced ‘pay’), followed by the letters ‘Ro’ as in the name ‘Robert’, denoting the 33rd Dynasty of Amen Hotep in the last days.

So we have 76 – Po, and the word ‘well’ (52).

Abraham dug a well, which is in your scriptures, so that Ishmael’s mother Hagar could provide him with drink. It is also known as ‘Jacob’s Well’, who struggled with the God of this World, – Satan, and won after being squeezed in the hollow of his thigh. The mark which remained was the secret mark left upon his thigh identifying him as ‘The Christ’ Amen. His name as Jacob, as the Patriarch Amenhotep II being changed to ‘Israel’. Jesus in the scriptures also ‘visited’ this ‘well’ due to thirst as well as homage. All three personalities, Ishmael, Jacob/Israel, and Jesus are one and the same person.

Amen travels to North America: Entry into Canada from Egypt

The City we founded as Pharaohs was Kandahar, Egypt, my actual name as Horus is Kanakht Werpehti. Here you will notice my initials as ‘Erp’, and also as the God and Souls of Pe. The name Kanakht Werpehti is an 88, as well as‘56/14 and my name in numbers as a 25/16.

The name of Canada is actually spelt ‘Kanada’ and is extracted from the name ‘Kandahar’, Egypt in case anyone has difficulties knowing who founded the land. The last three letters of the last name being Harakhti, which is also another Egyptian name for Horus, or Lord of the Two Horizons.

The Egyptian Pharaohs originally traveled to Canada 14,000 years ago, and were designated as ‘The First Nations’ and my arrival there (on March 14, 526 BC) was recorded by my son, Amenhotep III). Encoded in the word ‘First’ is IR(I)S, my original name as Amen Hotep, with the remaining letters, ‘f’ and ‘t’ representing my date of birth in this life as being on the 26th day of December, 1956.

*Note that the Native Americans held what are known as ‘Pow-wows’ (Powell’s).

The ‘Bent Pyramid’

The Bent Pyramid is the only known pyramid from the Old Kingdom to have two separate entrances on two different faces. One is on the traditional north face, while the other is on the west face.
See, http://guardians.net/egypt/cyberjourney/dashur/bentpyramid

The Bent Pyramid, located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur, is the most enigmatic of the approximately ninety pyramids to be found in Egypt. A unique example of early pyramid development, c. 2596 BCE, it is also unique in that its original polished limestone outer casing remains largely intact.

The lower part of the pyramid rises from the desert at an inclination of 54º44′. But the top section is built at the shallower angle of 43º22′, lending the pyramid its very obvious “bent” appearance.

The above figures here are the year 2596. The last two digits ‘96’ total a ‘15’, for the year of my birth as 1956, the numeral ‘25’ in the year 2596 represents my name number as a ‘25’, in so much that I am the Head of the 24 Elders (El as in God and in the name Powell, and the letters ‘Er’ as my original first to names being Eric Robert, and as the son of Judah, being ‘Er’, to whom the European Jews announced in the scriptures, ‘did wickedly, so God slayed him’, this is simply not true for I am He, and I am about to SLAY them.

The lower part of the pyramid rises from the desert at an inclination of 54º44′. But the top section is built at the shallower angle of 43º22′, lending the pyramid its very obvious “bent” appearance.

The above figures just quoted above are reduced to a ‘98’ and a 74 (56).
I have a home at 98 Vaughn Ave., in New Rochelle, New York.
The name Vaughn refers to a god.

Temples were designed as a mirror of the Earth, and the Earth is made of its own geometry. Take the axial wobble at the Earth’s Pole (it’s Precessional Cycle), which takes approximately 25,770 years to complete. Divide this by the Earth’s equatorial circumference of 21,638 nautical miles. The ratio between the two is 5:6.

Since geometry is the expression of number in space, this ratio is equivalent to the pentagram: hexagram. Thus the Bent Pyramid is a reflection of the dynamics of the Earth, and it is this precise ratio that enables life to exist here, for the 5:6 ratio is only found on this planet.

But there’s more. You’d expect this 5:6/pentagon/hexagon relationship to be reflected on all things that emanate from the Earth. In truth, all organic life is based on pentagonal crystalline structures— think starfish, seed arrangement in an apple core, etc. On the other hand, inorganic compounds, such as crystals, the structure of beehives, etc, are hexagonal. But there’s one life form that emanates from the Earth which carries both geometries in its crystalline make-up.

When looking at human DNA under the microscope we see its amino acid crystals bind one to another in alternating pentagonal and hexagonal blocks. In other words, we are a reflection of the form that gives us life.

Since temples were designed to influence the behavior of people who entered them, the purpose behind the Bent Pyramid’s ‘angles of error’ now become obvious: the temple was designed as an interface between humans and the Earth. When you consider that the entire building sits atop a magnetic node, the implications of its position and its function are startling.

The ancient formal name of the Bent Pyramid is generally translated as (The)-Southern-Shining-Pyramid. And in terms of mystery, it certainly shines. In ancient times, names and myths were generally metaphoric by nature, and concealed several layers of meaning. In Egypt, ‘shining’ is also a reference to the creator Gods , the ‘Els’ or Shining Ones. If we follow this line of reasoning then the structure is in some way involved with ‘creation’, ‘form’, ‘manifestation’, or all three.

The ancient Egyptians knew how the Universe worked. The ratios of the dimensions of the Earth, as well as the dissection of planetary geometries is hidden in the temples they erected. In a way the temples are mirrors of the perfection of the Earth and teh solar system, hence why their designs are pleasing to the eye: they are perfect, just as the solar system is built on a precise relationship betwen geometry and its numerical miror, mathematics. And the Bent Pyramid is no exception.

Using a simple mathematical equation (see left) the lower slope angle of the structure reveals itself to be the angle of a hexagon. The upper slope unfolds into a pentagon. These are two of the most over-used geometric shapes found anywhere, but seen together they have a profound meaning.

See, Geometry Secrets of the Bent Pyramid on the www.

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