Dirty Linen; The True Holocaust of the Jews

Staggering number of missing Blacks fuel speculation of “human trafficking”
By: Nayaba Arinde, Contributing Writer
Posted: Monday, August 17, 2009 4:08 pm

NEW YORK (Special to the NNPA from the Amsterdam News) — One of the great undiscussed dilemmas plaguing this city is the number of runaways and abducted children. The numbers are staggering.

AMBER Ready Inc./Foundation states that annually about 800,000 children are reported missing in America.

“The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines human trafficking as ‘the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them.’ In New York, we have an epidemic of missing and ‘alleged’ runaways who are actually victims of criminal groups who are profiting off of their sexual labor,” declared retired detective Marquez Claxton. “Local law enforcement, in spite of federal funding, does not adequately address or even acknowledge the existence of ‘human trafficking’ operations that are expanding throughout the Black and Latino community. Many of the listed ‘runaways’ are actually victims of human trafficking. Law enforce- ment in general only discusses human trafficking in terms of the Asian and Latino immigrant population while ignoring the threat to young and under-aged indigenous Black and Latino women.”

In response to a series of questions, the police department told the Amsterdam News that they did have federal funds to “investigate human trafficking.”

A Sgt. Nieves told the paper, “There is a unit in the police department that falls under the Organized Crime Control Bureau. The police department does receive funds from the government.”

Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Browne added, “The NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau has detectives dedicated to the investigation of human trafficking in which, typically, young women are exploited for purposes of prostitution.”

Browne added, “So far this year, the NYPD has arrested over 200 individuals (and 366 last year) engaged in the promotion of prostitution which, as I said earlier, is often the ultimate outcome of human trafficking.”

A mother, wanting to remain anonymous, recently contacted the Amsterdam News distraught that her daughter had been missing for several days. She feared the 16-year-old had fallen victim to a prostitution ring.

While this particular story has a happy ending with the teenage girl being found hours later after news coverage and various phone calls helped create something of a groundswell, the child’s mother complained about how law enforcement refused to label the case “abduction,” as opposed to a “runaway.”

“Our young girls between the ages of 11 and 16 are disappearing at alarming rates in our communities,” said Tulani Kinard, activist and Brooklyn City Council candidate. “Much too often they are being written off as ‘runaways.’

“There is a definite rise in human trafficking, whether by abduction or being lured into a ‘situation’ from which there is no return. Once the label of being a ‘runaway’ is associated with a missing child police report, the case is easily put aside and forgotten. I am advocating that more state funds are allocated to support New York’s landmark Safe Harbor for Exploited Youth Act. We have to protect our children.”

As they prepare to launch the nation’s first wireless child protection service and community predator program, AMBER Ready, Inc. and the AMBER Ready Foundation declared that as 50 million of America’s children will return to school this fall; by summer, 1 million of them will be classified as missing or abducted. Working to reduce this number and to quickly recover those who are away from home, AMBER Ready, Inc. and the AMBER Ready Foundation hosted the AMBER Ready Back-to-School Safety Weekend in Times Square, August 15-16.

Calling it “Child Safety in the palm of your hand,” Kai D. Patterson, president and founder of AMBER Ready, said that the AMBER Ready Program incorporates a major technological advance in the effort to find missing or abducted children. Re¬search has shown that missing or abducted children not recovered in the first four hours likely never will be. The program enables parents and guardians to store their children’s photo, description and other valuable information in a profile in their wireless multimedia phones.

Patterson continued that if the unfortunate situation ever occurs, an AMBER Ready subscriber can immediately transfer information to their local law enforcement agency, media stations, airports, and the AMBER Alert network, saving valuable time

AMBER Ready Inc./Foundation states that an estimated 1.3 million children actually go missing each year — going up 468 percent from 1982 to 2000. Blacks and Latinos, the least informed about what do when children are abducted, equaled 65 percent of the total non-family abductions, with African Americans making up 42 percent of that group and Hispanics 23 percent.

AMBER Ready Foundation/Inc. insists that the ahead-of-time collation of vital data, including a photo and identifying characteristics; ultimately saves time in the instance that a search needs to be established.

Patterson maintains that, while it varies state to state, there is typically more than a two-hour delay in making initial children reports, and the vast majorities (74 percent) of abducted children who are murdered are dead within the first three hours of abduction.

Meanwhile, the New York State Missing Children’s Report shows that the number of missing children has actually decreased since 2007. However, it remains a dangerous issue that affects the lives of children and their families, especially in New York City.

Over 5,000 missing child cases were reported in 2008 within the five boroughs alone. An estimated 53 percent of the reported cases were for children ages 13-15; 49 percent of them were Black and 60 percent of them were female.

The national number of missing children has decreased by three percent to 20,414 in the year 2008. According to Missing and Exploited Children Clearing¬house Annual Report, “Nearly all missing children cases were reported as suspected runaways (92.3 percent).

“Abduction cases accounted for approximately 1 percent of the total reports, and abductions committed by family members comprised the most frequent form of abduction.” There have been an increasing number of missing females in these cases. In 2008, missing females were up to a booming 94 percent from ages 13 and over. Statistics have shown that the number of male cases makes up 40 percent of the total number of missing children.

According to a 2009 article in Police magazine, most runaways leave home as a result of discontent with their current status quo, whether it is financial, social or academic. However, there is still no underlying cause of runaway cases, making it difficult for police intervention at times.

More than 75 percent of runaways return home within two weeks, making the remaining runaway cases low priority to the police department.

According to Police magazine, runaway cases are sometimes viewed as “family problems that have been foisted on law enforcement.”

Many parents are critical of the police department’s indirect negligence toward runaways, fearing that children may fall subject to sexual abuse, international abduction or various forms of harassment.

The staggering number of missing children in New York City is unfortunate and families continue to search for their loved ones. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children advises parents to teach their children of the potential dangers of runaway attempts as well as inform children of effective safety precautions, including Internet safety, to avoid possible abduction.

It also advised that parents maintain a recent photo and proper identification, including the heights and weights of their children, in the event that they go missing, allowing police to immediately embark on search efforts for that child. If you have any questions or any information about missing children, call 1-800-FIND-KID.

Kinard concluded, “Our families and communities need more support for social and family service programs that do the preventive/safety awareness work as well as the long-term caring of children who are victims of the crime of human trafficking.”

This article was originally published in the August 17, 2009 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper

“Schumer: a NY child is reported missing every 25 minutes – senator pushes legislation to expand key program that helps law enforcement locate children in critical first hours.” Last Update: 10/15 1:38 pm

The Meaning of Amen and the “Holocaust” of Blacks committed by the European Jews and their allies, including the police.

The name of “AMEN” referring to Jesus in the New Testament Book of Revelations is a family name. It belongs to the 18th Dynasty of Amen Hotep who departed Egypt in the year 526 BC to visit the neters of the west in North America, specifically Canada. The 12 missing tribes of Ishmael/Israel are now known as “The First Nations”.

The name of Amen as a family Dynasty began with the Pharaoh Men, otherwise spelled as Menes or Min. He was the 1st Pharaoh of the first Dynasty, who united Egypt’s 42 Nomes, also known as “Districts”. He was also known as “The Scorpian King”, “Dosjer” as well as “Narmer” and “Min”.

The Pharaoh alledgedly reigned from 3100 BC to 2850BC.
The time period between 2850BC and 526BC is 2,324 years. Reducing the figure “2,324”, we find the number “56”, mine. Subtracting the year 2850 from 3100, one is left with the number “250”, reduced to a “25”.

The Pharaoh was left childless and was promised an heir by a prophetess who would be known a “A-Men” as well as “A-Menes” (son).

The physical Amen, known as the “faithful and true witness” in the Book of Revelation, was Amen Hotep, who left “The Lord’s Prayer”.

As the article states above, some 6.5 million Blacks, mostly women, have disappeared over the last 5 years, or 1.3 million per year over 5 years, but also young black male children as well. This is similar to the so-called “Atlanta Child Murders” in which one Wayne Williams was prosecuted and sentenced. A two-set series of articles published by Spin Magazine proved that the murders were committed by the “F.B.I.” along with the “K.K.K.” The reason being if one killed a black boy, thousands of Blacks would be killed because that one black child would not be able to reproduce. Wayne Williams was only sentenced for killing one man, and in that instance he was also framed by the police, the Judge, the prosecutor, etc.

These children are “sacrificed” in Molech Temples of the Masons in every major city in the United States as well as abroad. Molech’s image is a “Screech Owl”, this is how the phrase “passing through the fire” received its term. At least one of these screech owls can be seen at Railroad stations, as in Yonkers, New York, while also ordained at other public places in a mosaic form with a baby screech owl under its knees.

Amen Hotep arrived back in these latter days 2,536 years since his departure, which is reduced to a “79”. The name Amen Hotep is a “33” (Amen) + 64 (Hotep) = 97.

These tabulations are based on the alphanumeric table, such as A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, etc.
Since 526BC to the year 2010AD is 2,536 years, which is reduced to “79”.

The digits 1.3 + 5 = 18 is from the 1.3 million dead over a period of “5” years, leaving the total at 6.5 million dead throughout the five years period. The total “1.3 x 5” = 6.5 demonstrates in ancient codes that our people have been dying and terrorized since the 18th Dynasty when the Lord left Egypt and was then known as “The Hidden One” – who is “Amen”. This phrase “The Hidden One” is reduced into a 7/14 from the figures “6/8/7”.

My full name as Eric Robert Powell is respectively, an 8.6.11 reduced to an 8.6.2 as the number “11” is reduced to a “2”. These two figures 8.6.11 and 8.6.2 are then added together respectively, and you have my major numbers attesting to a 25 reduced to a “16”, which is written as 25/16.

Since the year 526BC until the end of 2010 is exactly 6, 499,768,000 of our people have been murdered and literally crucified by the Jews. The reality of this crime has been made into a major motion picture entitled “Hostel”, (parts 1 and 2). The letters total a “79” as the first two letters represent “HO-TEP”, the second two letters “ST” representing the numbers “39” reduced to a “21” which when both are added together total a “60”. These numbers give us the date and time of birth of the Messiah as 12.26.1956 with a time of birth as 5AM (GMT) and a 9AM (EST). Remember that God (“EL”) is known as “The Lord of Hosts”. The phrase “Lord of Hosts” is also a “79”.
See other articles by this writer for more details.

The letters “EL” form the name of God, and with the initials of Amen Hotep added, form the name “ELAH”. The numbers ‘23’ for “Ho”, “39” for the letters “ST”, and “17” for the letters “EL” bring a total of “79” without being reduced.

The staggering number of six billion, four hundred and ninety-nine million, and 768 thousand is close to the number “6.5” given earlier. The figure “6004” is arrived at by taking the number “76” (526) and multiplying it by “79”. The number “155” is arrived at by adding the numbers “76” and “79”, which is a reduced 6.5. When adding the numbers “67” (as in the name “ISHMAEL”) and “79”, we arrive at the number “1.46”, which is a “6.41”, close enough to the number “6,499,768,000”.

The alphanumeric inherent in the word “white” is a “65” instead of a “56”. It should be stated here that white is not a color, but rather the absence of color. Biblically, when it is stated that “all have sinned from birth” refers to the family of Adam, which was four-thousand years before Christ to which the Jews state was there original father. The “man” who bears the number “666” is the European Jew who was imprisoned in the Caucasus Mountains by the “Wall of the Caucasus Mountains,” the wall’s circumference was 666 miles. I built it myself circa 527 BC.

The fifth-century B.C. Greek historian Herodotus was the first to put his finger on this geographic feature when he wrote about the Scythian invasions of the Near East. He noted that the nomads pushed their way into civilization’s heartland through a Caspian corridor, riding their horses across the plain that lies between the sea and the Caucasus to the west. At Derben, the mountains jut out toward the Caspian plain, coming within less than a mile of the sea, meaning the city sits atop a strategic chokepoint.

The American Blacks have also been in a state of servitude here in America for 401 years (as of the end of 2010). The billion dead figure shown above, when added, is exactly a “401”. In order to round out the given figure above to equate 6.5 billion, one must add the figure of “232”, which is reduced to a “25”. My birth-date of 12.26.1956 is reduced to a 3.8.3 respectively, which totals a “14”, for a “7/14”, or three 7’s.

The figure 6,499,768 divided by “2536” which is the amount of years that I’ve been gone, is a “2563”. The number “526” is prevalent in both four digit numbers the difference in each being the number “3”, which appears twice, giving us the number “33”, which is the alphanumeric of the name “AMEN”, as well as the 33rd Dynasty of AMEN HOTEP.

The 32nd Dynasty of Egypt rested with Cleopatra VII in 30BC, this is where we normally pick up with the story of Jesus, which is not historic, but rather one of prophecy, as his lifetime in history has yet to be recorded except in the Bible. Never-the-less, these times are known as the time of the Parousia, which is broken down as Pharaoh/Sia with the letter “U” designated as the three-fold number of “21”. The name/word is actually “Per’o/Sia” as in the 18th Dynasty my name as Pharaoh was changed to the last days by my father Tuthmosis III as “Per’o”, known as “Courtier of the High House”, as well as “Pr-*3”, along with my initials with the letter “O” signifying the number “15” which has already been addressed in, “The Return of the Messiah; Saving the World and Black America.”

The 32nd Dynasty was held by Cleopatra VII until 30BC along with her husband Mark Anthony. The name “MARK” signifies the “GODDESS MA’AT” along with the God “RA” with the letter “K” signifying the number “11” as in my last name as “POWELL”. We also have the name of the “RAM” embedded in the name “MARK”.

When adding the letters or “Mark Anthony” we are left with the numbers “25/14” as well as 12.26.1956 with a 9/5 time of birth ratio. One also finds the letters of the “City of On”, Egypt, as well as the letters “HO”, etc., as well as three sevens, attesting to what is known as “The God Pe” who assimilates the Souls of the dearly departed consisting of great men who were not permitted to complete their earthly mission (see, the God “Pe”, or “The Souls of Pe”, pronounced “pay”, on the internet). These initials are held by the Pope, along with my initials as a “PO”- WELL. The letters “Po” signifying the number “76” and the emancipation of our people back to their own country, known as “The State of Israel”, “All the Land of Canaan”, with the correct spelling of it by the ancients known as “Ka-na-na”, also known as “The Levant”.

The true fact is that according to world almanacs for the years of WW II and over prove that the Jewish race did not dwindle by six million at any time. but rather increased.

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