Hagar and Ishmael; The Prophecy Revealed

Hagar had a son whom she named IshmaelAbraham was 86 years old when Ishmael was born.One must realize that there are 86,400 seconds to a day, therefore it was Ishmael’s descendants who were enslaved and oppressed for the 400 years prophesized in the scriptures.

When Ishmael was a little boy, before Issac was alledgedly born (he was not because Jews do not intermingle with a woman who is not of their race. Sarah was young, it was Sarah’s elderly mother denied the marriage between Abraham, who was an Arab Prince, and Black, “No son of mine will become heir to this man” is what she told Abraham and Sarah, Abraham then married Hagar who was from Egypt to be the mother of his only-begotten son, Ishmael. It was Ramses III who died in Ishmael’s stead, biblically as a “Ram” caught in a “thicket”, I am Ishmael and my father was Abraham, these events were told to me by my Father, and no guile was ever found in his mouth.

The word “thicket” will demonstrate that Ramses III took my place of death and sacrifice for he was assassinated by the Jews, just as my Father was.

T – H – I – C – K – E – T = 20 + 8 = 28 + 9 = 37 + 3 = 40 + 11 + 51 + 5 = 56 + 20 = ‘76

Within this computation we have the year 1933, the year of my Father’s Birth in this life.
The number 37 is reduced to a “10” followed by a “40” which means 401 years of slavery, captivity, servitude and oppression in America which is named after me, We find the two names of Meri and Eric and the Egyptian particle of the Ka, of the life force of these two biblical names such as in Jericho which begins with the letters “JE”, denoting the numeral “105”. After the name of Eric we easily locate the first two letters in the name HORUS as well as HOTEP. My Father’s Egyptian middle name in America in these last days was ORIS, I was the one who has taken his Father’s Place as “Horus” which could have been spelled as HORIS, the prophesized one to come and take vengeance against the murderers of my Mother and Father, and kill off the others for Treason.

Within the word “thicket” is also three “105’s. My birth-date also is found within the word “thicket” as 12.26.1956 with a 9/5 time of birth ratio with my full name as a 28.15.56, which equals a “97”, that of AMEN HOTEP.

The name of Jericho is also a 12.26.1956, a 5/9 ratio; the number “42” for the forty-two Commandments of AMEN-RA. My Father also has 42 Assistant Judges as he is now Osiris and presides over the Land of the Dead (spirits) who await Judgment, many of these spirits are earth-bound and are not to receive the light until after the Judgment, most of them are Caucasian. And their bodies are turned into maggots and flies after their death. This is why the Jews worship Beelzebub, a common house fly, while at the same time praising the Dead.

The name Hagar, or Hag comes from the name Hawthorne.
I lived at 180 Hawthorne Ave., in Yonkers, New York.

Around the front of the apartment complex were a wall of shrubs. To be “cast under one of the shrubs” is prophecy that I would live their.

As a child from the time I was born until the age of two years old I was in the trauma unit in Yonkers General Hospital where my mother worked as Nursing Supervisor of the Emergence room. Twice a week I had stopped breathing and my heart would stop. My parents at that time moved me from Yonkers, where the enemy sought my life. At the age of 6-7, we moved back to Yonkers, but I was still allergic to 64 different things and had to get shots from a private doctor twice a visit (once twice a week) until the age of “7”. At that time we had lived in Mount Vernon, New York. Then we moved to 197 Ravine Ave., during the years 7-14, when we then moved to 180 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, New York.

My mom had to go to work at that time, so I would come home after school at P.S. 25, Yonkers, New York. My mothers name, as well as my own are sealed in the 13th Sign of the Zodiac known as Ras-Alhague.

My mother is known as Isis, my Father Osiris (“Oris” while he was alive, – meaning “Sun-God”) and now after his assassination, as Osiris. As the son of Oris my proper Egyptian name was “Ejus” for “Eric the Just”. The name Jesus is the end result of that name because the average person was not akin to the secrets of the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

I am now called “Horus” after my fathers name of Oris (pronounced “Orris).

The name Ishmael” stems from the name “Isis”/Ma’at and “Elah” with the letter “H” standing for the number of the letter as an “8”, the number of “God”, the number “8” also standing for, when lying on its side, the symbol of infinity, and therefore the “infinite mind”.

My Father, as the biblical Abraham, had no other sons.

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